Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday Walking through the woods

I’m not sure which day it was now, but I took a walk into the way and beyond, on my way to the pond.

I’m not sure my purpose, but I had a lovely time walking through the Maple Forest. I reach the road, the pathway road through the woods, the one they use for harvesting wood and gathering maple syrup. I walk down the road, as it wound around in about through the forest. My phone had died, so I hadn’t brought it along. They were such interesting views, however.

The terrain is smooth and places, and pretty rugged and others. I didn’t make it back to the fingers, where I would like to explore. That’s pretty far away, deep into the woods.

I think it would be good to use my phone and GPS while I’m in the woods there, see exactly where I am.

I went pretty far back in there, but always the traffic help me know where the road

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