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Nancy Today

Saturday with family

Mary Jane and I were sitting with a Lida at the table, after I decided I would make a rush basket.

A shopping basket that I can use when I go to the store.

I was working on ithe on the round table on Sun Trap deck on the flat base when Ben arrived. I was surprised to see him, but I saw him go past the spruce deck window through the family room, so I went around to find out if that was actually him.

It was! He had brought a weedeater and a chainsaw along.

He got to work cutting all the grass around the yard, including around the trampoline and all the way up around the passive solar dehydrators and around and in the fortress and through to the turkey should greenhouse and back down to the play structure and the whole valley.

We sat on the back studio Jack, the new one where I’d love to hang out. It isn’t big enough back there for all the people that may come and sit on the deck! I should probably change the chairs up, as I’m not thrilled about the rocking chair, and the other chair is broken. I need to put a pig through the back to hold the back up right and connect with the back of the arms.

Scarlett arrive just after light and John had taken Desmond in Myott to the fair in town. They were off to have a wonderful time. Scarlett showed up just after they. Left.

I was so glad that she was here since Ben was here! It’s so nice to have family around. Mary Jane arrived last night, whom I haven’t mentioned. We had a nice breakfast before we went out, it was really pretty cool.

It was composed of an avocado chopped up, some cherry tomatoes, a chunk of cucumber, also chopped up, a handful of green olives, and the red pepper hummus that I have made yesterday

It was an amazing meal.

I gave the rest of mine to Scarlett when she came, as I had made twice as much as I could eat.

I worked all day on my basket. It is made with rushes, which I keep moistening with spray bottle. I was glad I had bought the spray bottle the other day. I had bought it so I could paint the cottage, but ankaret would be proud of me for using it to spray the rushes as I use them coming to keep them moist. I really love the Russians that are quite soft. They’re so pliable, so easy to manipulate.

And we had a lovely day, sitting in the deck talking with kevin. Sometimes he would go away and work, Long grass, and come back to change the batteries frequently.

Your Jane went to the lake to swim, but I didn’t want to leave by family, especially when Ben was doing so much amazing stuff for me, and it come out from Ottawa. He was probably doing it to make nice pathways so Zane could play on them, but it’s quite nice for me to have them opened up, the trails. Of course, now will have a little bits ofWet grass on the children’s legs when they come out to play on the trampoline want to do is still on the grass. It’s great to have this all chop down now, since nothing else will grow, or at least not enough to be significant.

After finishing the whole yard, he did the pathway to the pond and around it past the swing bench. Scarlett and I sat there and chatted while Ben worked.

I continue to work on my basket. This morning I had just attached it to two pieces of wood for a frame about the time Ben was arriving, that was way too heavy. I found an empty popsicle box which are used as a mood. I stuffed it full of grass trimmings to make it keep it shape.

I’m quite thrilled about my basket! I didn’t really think I would accomplish this. I’m so glad I have my studio deck. I sat there and worked on it so much of the day in the shade. It was lovely to sit and listen to the conversations.

Well Scarlet and I were sitting at the head of the pond enjoying the beautiful view and me making my basket, Mary Jane came back and came down to see us.

Been finished again, and was once again one out from all the effort. They never did get back to heading, as he had spent all of his energy, and was quite hungry and tired.

I use the slippers and cut all the grass around the end of the pond we’re diving board site. I even uncovered a campfire spot. I’m really looking forward to having a campfire.

Ben and Scarlet decided to go put her animals away and get some food. They were talking about restaurants, so I didn’t really expect to see them back for quite a while.

Mary Jane and I walked around the moat, which is now on Google earth!

I hope I can use that chainsaw to cut the log that is over the laneway, at the Marshwoods Corner on TriAqua Car Trail.

Mary Jane and I took a walk after everyone left, when I finally put down my basket, and explore around the moat.

Merchand help me slide the tarp back up over grandmas cottage to keep the rain off. We tied it to the trees on the four corners, and the wind came up underneath it. However, it was Tied on snuggly, and didn’t sale off with the win this time.

I found a few more alder branches for a campfire by the pond, and put it there. We walked back up to the studio deck, up through the valley.

We sat on the deck and watch The Spanish show, L Chapelle, which has English subtitles. My Spanish is improving as I watch it. I love Spanish.

I got darker and the books came out, and we needed to go in the house. We sat out on the deck under the Tyvek which makes terrible noise when the wind blows, and enjoyed a little visit from Desmond who is supposed to be in bed going to sleep.

William and Mary Jane and I watched a few more episodes and then I went to bed.

As for Sunday tomorrow. I begin my fast when we were down at the pond, when I thought I would probably be able to eat in time to start it later.

When we went in however, I had a dish of frozen mangoes and then some peanut butter and honey. After which I began my first again. Energy and said you can’t do that , Split up your fast into two sections and eat in the middle. However, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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