Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday morning

This morning the bathrooms were in use and I was in a big hurry to use the washroom, so I found the keys, got in the car, and went down to my old house at the end of the lower entrance.

Afterwards, the forest was so inviting, I lay in the Hamic and relaxed.

A young fella was walking along the road. He was hitchhiking into town. I was surprised when I saw someone that I didn’t know, walking down the road in front of our property.

I wrote in my journal about yesterday‘s experience with Ben and Scarlett and Mary Jane. I had such a wonderful day yesterday. I specially enjoyed sitting at the end of the pond in the swing with Mary Jane talking.

I came back up to the house and found that Mary Jane was gone! I drove down in around the moat but her car wasn’t in there either.

I drove around the block, to see if she had parked at the new property and walked in, but her car wasn’t there either.

Inside, Jana and the children and Willem are in the family room milling about. John said that Mary Jane had gone to church in her home ward.

She’s going to come back after church. I am going to use the pallets that I bought home for building an out house. I have to decide on the right location for it. Our use the pallets for the walls and for the floor. I’ll also need to use one for a bench. I’ll have to cut that one in half.

Are used a home hardware black tarp and screwed it onto the side of the Turkish a greenhouse. It wasn’t hard to pull it across since the roof was so high. Anyway, it’s all screwed on slightly, I didn’t put the screws in very deeply because I didn’t know when I would hit. So at least the rain should stay off of the roof mostly. There are some holes in the chart, so some water make it through. I just need it to The dry so I can put the ice and water shield on it. I have the role, but it’s too heavy for me to deal with. I need to measure and cut the role at the driveway.

It’s supposed to rain a lot today. I’m glad Mary Jane is coming back.

I wasn’t a very great post this yesterday, as I had so many people at the house that I couldn’t just spend time with me.

I’ll pick up Lori this morning. Diana is coming to pick up her children.

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