Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday morning rush braiding

The power went out around 4 AM, and I woke up when my breathing machine didn’t work anymore.

I stayed up a little while on the Internet, and then got up and went down to my studio deck.

I worked on the wide braid for the rug that I am making like Ankaret’s. I pulled the hose down from the garden, and wet my braids on the grass. It’s amazing to have it nice and clipped down around the play structure.

Mary Jane got up and came down. We hung out there for several hours. I loved working on this Matt. I pulled the hose in from the garden and used it to what the rushes need it. I finished a whole one and a half of fun.

Maye came down to the studio to see us. I gave her some clothes to play with.Desmond came down and found me and Mj. I got him some leather hard clay we had poured onto the slab and then put another slab on top of it. It made a pretty perfect flat piece. Desi used trimming tools to make pretty faces.

He left for a while and came back with this beautiful breakfast sandwich and we had made for him. I remember making McMuffin, Egg McMuffin‘s for the kids for breakfast. I knew can eggs so it was round, and put it on English muffins. It was so good.It is so relaxing to work down there in the studio deck. I just love it down there.

Allied or came down and asked about where to put the wood that is beside the ramp, covered up to be used for siding for the studio.

I picked a spot near the studio in the valley where everything can be put.

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