Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Ben came to do yardwork

I’m so grateful that Ben brought a weedeater and chainsaw and came over.

Before he got there, are used to weedeater and removed all the foliage on the hillside beside the deck. Between the centre up deck and the belly. I uncovered the terraces! How interesting. It was 22 years ago that we put them in, and created gardens all down there.

Merchand went to town for groceries, actually, she were driving the back roads and exploring the area. It’s such a beautiful area, sitting on the deck is lovely but you really need to get out and explore those back roads sometimes!

was sitting on the deck When Ben arrived.

I had been sitting there recovering from the effort of whipper snipping the grass, playing my violin when he came

Ben was quite content and relaxed when he got here, he had brought his breakfast alone, insert eating it while we talked.

Afterwhile, we headed down to the shade of the highway berm Cedars. It was wonderful pulling the branches away as she cut them off all the trees to make a nice pathway.

I had had a perfect path, but then hydra removed all the trees on one side of it, which meant I had to move in further and make a new path. It was amazing to have him remove all kinds of obstacles, laying over the pathway, piles of downed branches, all sorts of confusion in there.

We took turns taking breaks, as the chainsaw chain with fall off every time it hit a tiny branch. Been spent a lot of time putting the chain back on.

As we work, finishing The pathway through the Cedars, it became time to make pathways to the stream from there. It was wonderful that he was able to remove all the stuff for me. Scarlett arrived.

I was finished pulling trees out of the pathway, have been wrecked my back.

She and I brought along the green chairs, having found one and found another in the locations where I like to leave them, and followed Ben as he cut the path.

After using up both batteries, the one for the chainsaw and the one for the whippersnapper, I am being completely in need of water, I walked back through the elders through the Cedar Berman to the car. Mary Jane pulled up behind me as I was there.

She came to tell me that she was going to the dump and did I want to come. I borrowed five water bottles from her and went back in to give them to Ben and Scarlett and me. We sat drinking her water for a while, then Ben and Scarlett came Out to the car.

After a shower, and a nice relaxing time at the house, we been and I went back down to the culvert.

Been worked on cutting the branches off of the upper side of the fall and Cedar cross the stream. When he tired of that, as it is quite the job, he use the whippersnapper and made a beautiful path way all along the stream. I will have to go and check out.

I wasn’t with Ben, and felt very guilty that I wasn’t with him, but I was pretty torn.

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