Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
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Naderlands Doorp tour

Clare and Mike from down the road came over.

Actually, they were headed to see Scarlett but since she was here, they came here to see her, and also to see the gardens.

My back was really bad, and I could hardly stand up straight, let alone they wanted to tour, but I was in the middle, cut between Merchand and Ben who are both here on the deck and Scarlett with Klara and Mike wanting to see the property.

I tried to let Scarlett give them a tour, but they wanted to see my garden and all of the nature.

Scarlett took them down through the magical Valley, formerly dead man’s run, and to the Stream culvert where I dropped off Ben and the chainsaw.

I drove around to grandmas cottage, and parked my car. Scarlet and they were sitting by the iceberg pond enjoying itThey had already passed the structure of the week one before I caught up with them. I pointed out things along the way., All the garden on the terrace on the island, the beautiful flowers, and the person in the marsh words. We turned in by older TV and I pointed out and explain About Horshoe island around serenity to Serenity dippity pond.

We crossed the bridge and walked up to the porch swing at the stream channel. We talked a bit about with the Stream people have done, and stop to look at the tussock sedge six-inch bumps where I had harvested it.

Before turning in at the other Stream to go back across to the moat, I took them through the parking lot in the alders at the edge of the Cedar berm that Frank had made for me last year, past Timely Rest.

It was so nice to be able to share this beautiful pathway, now that it has been trimmed and The branches cleared out of the way.

We turned in at the new pathway, still string with all their branches, and walked that path way to the stream and then around and back to the berm, or at least as far as Ben had gotten before the batteries had both died.

We went to the path along the stream, and Pastor Stream bench across from serenity jeopardy pond, and crossed into the pathway for the upstream bridge.

We went through two see horseshoe Island around the pond, and Scarlet and Claire went in and we’re sitting in grandma‘s cottage. It’s a little embarrassing, as it is in the midst of being painted, and there are tarps on everything.

Mary Jane had helped me get the yellow tarp onto the top so I could let the cabin dry out and cover it with ice and water shield.

From there we went across to the island. Claire is learning the names of all the plants. These wild flowers are so lovely. They are over a metre high, probably 5 feet, and feeling every inch of the area.

We walked around the top of the terraces, one after another, and that wonderful little curved top pathway and looked down at all the plants in the garden.

I was quite concerned about how long I was taking to get back to Ben. After half an hour his chainsaw battery would’ve died, and he would’ve needed to switch it with the one in the house. I was supposed to do that for him, but I was totally sidetracked. I was more trying than I have felt in a long time.

I got in the car and backed out and came up to the house, where I didn’t see Ben. I figured he must’ve been sitting in the woods waiting for me to come back.

How wrong I was. He had come back up to the house, the long tall hill didn’t bother him one bit, and was in the shower. However, I was sure he was in the woods and wanted to let him know where I was, so I drove down the road beeping the horn, and calling out for Ben. I would drive forward beep car, repeat.

I was on the fiddlehead Lane beeping for him win a truck pulled in behind me. I thought it was Janne coming to rescue me, but it was someone from a neighbouring village has heard me calling and beeping, and wanted to know if I was OK.

What a kind thing to do. However, I was trying to find Ben! I was a little bit panicked, because they were slowing me down in my search.

Anyway, I meant nice neighbors! That was nice.

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