Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Mj’s great grey owl

From the school, Mary Jane and I took off to drive the back roads to the lake where we will harvest some rushes.

We went a different way to that area and explored a conservation area with a parking lot at the start the trail. I used to feel a little bummed out when I would enter a conservation area only to find that there was only a little parking lot that I could access. I guess that was my accessibility problem.

Anyway, even though my back hurts from all that bending and lifting I did yesterday with Ben, it is awesome to have a trail to walk on.

There are rocks sticking out of the trail, and some roots.. It makes for a very nice climb.

As I rounded a corner I saw Mary Jane standing signaling me to be quiet and to come she was taking pictures of an incredibly beautiful white and gray gray gray owl. It was enormous. I remember seeing one along Highway years ago, but it was darker.

It sat patiently and waited on maryjane took pictures. Just before it flew away, I looked over Mary Jane shoulder to see where the bird was in the picture, and saw him flying. He flew down the path around a few curves and rested again another tree. He sat near the tree on the branch each time.

We chose the 1.5km trail. Sure was a nice easy trail. The view From lying on my back on a log. The viewsof Bass lake were great. She’s such a nice, happy friend. Gotta get out the mushroom book. Nice little boardwalk!Whatever ate this?Mj had a lovely time.

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