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Harvesting basketry rushes

At the lake, the water level has risen around the rushes that were growing on the beach of S Lake.

I used my long handled grass clippers which extend down to cut the bottoms underwater. There was a lot of seaweed tangled up with the meter tall rushes, bending the stalks over so it didn’t look very pretty anymore. Lots of fun and adventure harvesting these rushes. I feel good cleaning up the beach by harvesting some of them before they just become lakeside trash.

They fit in the trunk of my car. I have been harvesting basketry material since spring. Some of all of them have gone into the trunk of the car. Or at least parts of them, and once it fit.

At the back of the trunk are willow from around fiddlehead pond. In a basket is red pine bark, Cedar roots are also rolled up in there and black ash bark.

There is also meter long tussock Sedge grass and now on top of of that or behind it are rushes.

Mary Jane swim in the lake, where she’s at her cottage rented before on that lake. The water felt very nice, quite warm near the shore.

I kind of wanted to swim, but I was July and tired and my back is having problems straightening up because of all the work I’ve done with it lately, we could even I am bending over to pick up branches husband got them yesterday.

We came home, waited for dizzy at the bus stop until mommy arrived and his bus came.

Merchand and I went down to the lake with the trailer on the car. First I cut the rush is near the beach, just some, and then walked away out where I went into the centre of the patch of 8 foot tall roosters and cut them. It’s so easy to cut them with my long handled clippers, water is so clear unless I have too many reports from my movements. It makes it easy to see the whole stem of the rushes because it’s so clear.

Merchand swim and then sat in the chair on the beach reading a talk. After while she went home and came back later as per my having called out to her.

I organize the rushes as I push them down stream, making eight boats of them. It’s important to make the boats, lining up the rushes together in time then with the piece of dried rush

I brought the trailer to the shore, then carried each of the boats of probably 100 or maybe 50 Russia’s bundled together.

We left the stuff in the trailer as it was dark and I was too tired to lay them out on the pallets down by fiddlehead pond.

They will drive nicely in the trailer, and I won’t have to go down to cover them and cover them. Actually, now that there is a lovely tarp over the cabin, I could lay them out under there.

There’s something about standing in the water bundling the rushes floating on top, kept from leaving and going down stream by the rushes in front.

Russia seem to grow about 4 feet above the height of the water. Therefore, the deeper the water is, but told the Russians will be. Please are not only extremely tall, the bases are such a wonderful thick material.

As I push them down stream, I lean down the whole batch, including the Long handled clippers. I was in a hurry, because I knew Mary Jane was waiting, and I said I would only be an hour. However, she loves to sit on the side of the lake and watch the lake and enjoy the stillness and the quiet.

I love the feel of the water and the rush is standing in it. What an adventure to go out amongst a very tall rushes and gather.

I would like to go back and gather from the rush is on the other side. They look incredibly dense. They won’t be as tall, but at least they won’t only brought in the river over the winter. There is such a lovely stand of them there. However, the water is very shallow. But not every time you use rushes do you need a very long months.

I intend to make this Matt, Keen the chair seat, and

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