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Desmond went to school on the bus, and Mary Jane and I drove through the property next-door, the 25 acres.

My sister is interested in it, so I am taking pictures of it for her.

It’s a lovely place in there, with lots of open areas and clumps of trees, plus lots of beautiful pathways or trails through the woods, and it is very steep and smooth and some places.

There’s an area where a rock forms a cliff. It’s really a lovely spot.

Mary Jane and I drove through the roads, until we got to the top of a very steep hill down to the stream. I walked that, and photograph the forest on one side and the tributary on the other, and then the stream at the bottom.

It was so beautiful and wild in there. Very natural. The pathway is quite, So it’s easy to walk along the side of the stream. There are areas where there is a lot of cedar trees that fell in the ice storm 98, that are still laying over the stream.

I walk through nettles just after I had walked through jewelweed, but didn’t come to any jewelweed again in the rest of my walk, so my legs were stinging pretty badly for a while. Eventually it went away.

As we had finished all the trails on the Highlands and down in the lower lands, we were ready to go and leaving. But there was a little fork that we hadn’t gone up before. We may have gone a bit with someone else, but I was not familiar with it and didn’t realize that it was the top of a hill of sand. The hill of Sanders hidden by thin layer of moss and a few little bits of grass.

I didn’t make a sharp enough right when I emerged on to the opening, So in order to avoid the rock, I messed up and ended up out on this unstable soil. It reminded me of quicksand.

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