Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Friday children’s shelter

I came down before Desmond and Maia, probably around seven, and worked on removing the brush around the children shelter.

I found a black ash sapling that I had cut, and stood by the trailer peeling the bark off, until the children came down.

They love the climbing structure with the slide. It was great fun for them! Desmond like the swing in the shelter, that he could hang from his arms and pull himself up and down and swing back-and-forth.

It was a bit low for him and just right for Maya. I put it over further after they left, so that it wouldn’t be so close to the wall inside the shelter. Now, where I’ve moved it this morning after they left, he can stand on the bench and swing out. He can probably reach it standing on the floor, and Maia will probably need to stand on the bench for it. It promises to be lots of fun.

The other children were looking at the play structure as he got on the bus. Kind of nice. I couldn’t of done this when I was the mother, as there were too many children down here, and I didn’t have time for that.

I also didn’t have a slide and pallets to use. The dump is such a great place!

I made a pathway through the Streamwoods, Connecting to Ben’s amazing path that he has cut with the whippersnapper as well as the chainsaw. I’m so excited about what he is done! There’s so much left to do, but this is such a great pathway he’s made to go over the stream and all the way to the lower entrance near the bus shelter.

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