Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Saturday trailblazing

I have selected a spot across from Joe pie teepee at the head of fiddlehead pond and weed whacked my way in as far as I could, then cut the branches that were crossing the pathway with the chainsaw and dragged them out, loading up the trailer.

I continued to do that until I reached the stream, and the red chair off to the left of that little area. I cut some alders that were straight and on the edge of the stream because there are three giant Cedars about to fall over the stream.

I’ve been looking at what is growing there and trying to figure out where the trees will fall and removing the alders from that area so that they won’t become a big tangled mess beneath the fallen trees.

I was able to cut some of the branches from the largest, lowest cedar, hoping that I might be able to do as Ben did and then fell the tree.

However, thinking that Ben would probably like to do that, I thought I should carry-on with my weed whacking alongside The stream, leaving alders to shade it.

It’s beautiful now. I have been sitting here several times as I fix the saw. The chain comes off and gets stuck in some of these alders. .

I’m really enjoying creating pathways. It’s quite beautiful in here. I love the little rooms. Giving myself access is so awesome! Elijah would like to be able to go in the woods and spend time with her painting so these trails I’m creating will give she and the children access as well.

It’s such a beautiful area along the stream, it’s a shame that I haven’t used it for so long, because of all the overgrowth. I couldn’t even figure out where the path to the red chair was.

The wildflowers along fiddlehead Lane are about a meter tall. They obscured where the pathway could’ve been, but also, the outer branches of the alders continually Lower to the ground until they lay upon it.

In order to make pathways, those lowest branches have to continually be removed. I’m trying to drag the branches out this time, because there is and opportunity here to make really nice smooth pathways.

The traffic out there on the highway has really picked up. But here in the alders alongside the stream, there are many birds. There was a cluster of Blue Jays for a while, then a Brownthrasher came several times to the same place. I saw what could’ve been a very and just now I am hearing and saw a cat bird calling to his mate.

I’m becoming more aware of what’s going on up at the house, the children being up and all, as well as what’s going on there.

I thought I heard a car pull it behind my car, but I haven’t heard from anybody yet.

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