Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Weaving at Ankaret‘s Museum

I went to Anchorage around 11, and she already had for people there.

I will move a room around the top of the basket that I had made with rushes.

After everyone else left, anchor it and I hung out outside working on the rushes. I had brought a handful of them that had not yet been dried from being green. The tops of them we’re still green, while the bottoms the fat soft bottoms were very pliable and ready to use.

However, when I use them, and I got past the fat ends part, they were no longer usable.

I worked on another braid, this time using only the fat ends. I like using the fat ends. They’re so thick and you get so much done so quickly. Paragraph we worked on grading some lashes brushes for handles. She thought it would be best if the street. I think that one very long strap that went around twice would be the solution.

But there again, does have not dry thoroughly from being pitch

I love working with Anchorage. She such an amazing Basketmaker. She wants me to take the willow workshop that’s coming up in September or October I guess.

I’m glad I went over there, even for the short amount of time that I was there, because I got to reconnect with Ankaret and get inspired on our road making rushes.

Ben is bringing peaches over when he comes.

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