Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Bridges by Ben

I phoned to see what time he was coming this morning, and he wasn’t sure if he was going to come.

I told him about this tree, three trees that are leaning and going to fog over the stream at any time. He said he would be there in an hour or two.

I was so glad he was going to come! He brought 10 cases of peaches for me! I’m going to be able to freeze them.

Don’t let it fly up in your face, Ben. You did it, it rolled right. He cut the tall leaning trunks before they pulled the roots out and fell across the stream.

Ben has felled two trees and removed all of the branches all the way around and leveled them enough that it makes one bridge. Now he’s climbing up on another pair of them which are falling as he’s on them. He backed upIt’s down! Now to remove the million branches!Suspended on its branches over the stream. Too many bridges!Before-ish. After-ish. He scooted up and cut off all the branches fanning out in all directions. Amazing changes a chainsaw can do!Before they were on the ground. So many bridges!

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