Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Sunday morning trail walking

I’m going to start with this trail that I cut from Marshwood’s corner,Then from the other direction, here is the opening.

It’s been trimmed, but it’s not flatSo going fast the first chair we go into the second area,Then following where it’s been cut, I would head this wayBut the other way which hasn’t been with for snapped, looks more open. So following the whippersnapper trail, entering to hearThere is still brush to pull out on the side.And then walking through that area, I passed bye through hereI’m pulling the chairs along with me, to take the deeper into the woods, so that there is a chair everywhere I need one. There is still much more to do, as I look back on where we’ve just come throughThe path of Swiss distinct here, and it could go either direction. I think I’m going to take the floor to the left

This is a nice spot in here.

Hair is all the piles of alders laying in the pathway. I hope willing to help me take them out.So this is the end of the path.

But I can go different direction and see if I can connecting with something.

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