Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Ben came back

When I got home from church, Ben was already whippersnapper ring and the batteries were all dead.

He had whippersnipped all the way from where we worked yesterday to Ben’s bridge, a large cedar that had fallen long ago.

I started working from there a little bit and then he came and worked with the chainsaw. I had just gone through and trimmed the alder branches out of the area he had just whippersnipped.

I stood most of the other branches straight up, but did make one pile. The area we are working and now was snow shoe labyrinth just, just behind it.

Anyway, so between the two of us we cut all the branches all the way around and the per snapped the grass and foliage all around the edge of the stream to just before the every which way bridge.

There was a need for a real bridge, and the perfect cedar tree on the other side.

Good spot for a bridge.

Over he goes on the sideways bridgeTimber. Down she comes!DownAnd across the stream in the perfect place!

So naturally, Ben went over and fill the tree, then climbed on it and remove the branches on all directions as he made his way across the stream.

I was thrilled! A real bridge! I mean compared to the every which way bridge! After doing that and clearing all the branches into a pile somewhat behind Sedgemeadow TP, he got to work filling the next tree.

It looks like it was going to fall far to the side, but when it fell onto a clump of alders, it was easy to just sort of rolled it off the older until it was beside the first log. It made a perfect bridge that I can perfect! It will be a really nice bridge later!

It’s so awesome to have Bridges! This gives me access to both sides of the stream, and with these pathways, I can cross the stream and come back-and-forth on pathways. This is just the best thing since forever.

Around 630 Ben was ready to go home, but I convinced him to come with me to get a couch for Scarlett from the

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