Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Monday rushwork

I worked on The upstairs balcony, braiding with the Rushes that I gathered from the lake and dried.

I made straps for the rush shopping basket. I will see them on all the way down and across the bottom, so they will hold together and be very strong.

I went down to the bus with Desi, Maya amd mommy, pulling them in the wagon. Some cool stuff you have to do to make children want to go where you want them to go!

I hung out with Alida for a while doing my basket and chatting, then enjoyed watching Lida start the fire and warm up the house. It sure was chilly this morning. I think it went down to three last night. I’m not altogether sure, but it was quite cold in the house.

Ben called and said he’d like to come back this evening and keep going with this project of building paths through the bushes.

He’d like to work on the Marshwood side of the stream. I have been gathering the alder branches and dragging them out to the car and putting them on the trailer.

I may. Deliver them to Scarlet for her goats. They seem to love alders. However, I think they would only like them while they are fresh.

These chairs along the stream bordering the marsh Woods, have fallen apart. They’ve been sitting in here since I created the stream-walk chair-a-thon. That was about 15 years ago or so.

I am so lucky to still have the stream now that I have my body back. This is the most beautiful places to sit in these openings that we’ve created. It’s awesome to have help like this!

I created a new trail from the meadow at the entrance to sedge meadow teepee to the alders that had been cut but not dragged out. I was able to drag out a few. I think I need to cut them smaller. They are just so big and heavy! Some can be nestled down into the midst of a cluster of alders, but I think most of them should go.

Broken chair

Just upstream from where I’m sitting near Ben’s bridge, I see another tree across the stream that didn’t make it all the way across.

It’s too bad it’s supposed to rain all night. Supposed to start this afternoon around two, or maybe four, and rain throughout the night.

It’s beautiful and dry right here now, as I am dressed in two blouses and a skirt with two there’s any socks. You just have to dress for the weather and you always enjoy being outside. I’m so glad my hands are not cold, though.

That’s a bit of it

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