Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Redeeming the living room

I got to work on the huge mess and clutter that has become our living room.

I took the laundry basket of hangers outside, then started one by one putting things where they should really go.fliir plans behind the couch, tools of various shapes and sizes into the tool box.

The rapid bothering me for a while so I stood there and just got it for minute, trying to pick her up which way things could go so that it will become a nice room again.

I realized by shift things around a little bit, I never thought of pants photos and things I can’t go outside.

I also picked out that I could put The two pictures beside each other by the stairs, my mom is credenza girls room at with the television on it.

I put half the tools back in the summer. I need to clean the room out and get stuff out that I don’t need. It’s too early to turn the lights on in the year. I suppose I could. I’ve been up since 330, I love wonderful wake up by the woodstove.

I have room for my loom now! It’s not covered up, so I can actually sit there and use it! Which I think I will!

Should have said do you mean starch which bring and put in the family room have to work tonight. That will be good. The children can watch their shows and snuggle up with mommy and daddy while I am able to relax in my favour I watched their mind to me.

I have been watching a lot of slumsdocumentaries on YouTube. Is very interesting to see the sheets that are used for houses. It’s like a density over there.

Pie do you there is a slight where 1.2 million people live. Believable. I look around at my spacious house, which is dumb and all my things I have you and I miss you quite curious why I have so much, I

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