Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Next door property

There is the most beautiful property next-door to us, including the other side of the hill down to the stream and then a large forest beyond that.

I’ve loved walking there over the years, until the people that owned it bought it and put up fences and gates. Then I stopped going on the property. I thought that was quite a bummer, Especially because the Stream is so beautiful. Now it’s in need of a proper bridge

Mary Jane and I have been walking it from time to time, and I left chairs there in the winter where weto sit in the woods, in a cluster of white spruce trees.

Anyway, I told my sister about it, and she thought it would be an excellent investment, and it would be a wonderful place

So when I told my sister about it, she thought it would be a wonderful place to invest and because it was next-door to us, it would be a wonderful property to own and have in the family.

So yesterday she put in an offer and it was excepted! How amazing! This ensures that there will not be a house built over there, and that we won’t have to get used to some new neighbors, who may or may not be nice people.

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