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Nancy Today

The marsh woods alders

Bringing the three charged batteries, I entered the Marshwoods Alders by the Marshwoods corner on the TriAqua CarTrail by the moat.

I re-walked the same path as I had already trimmed, and took out branches that were obscuring pathways, or just laying between blocking passage through.

This electric Cr is awesome! I cut all the way along the stream, being careful not to remove Shane from the Stream if possible, and cleared quite a nice little area of pathway.

I had to go back up to the house because I didn’t have the right wrench, and the chainsaw was out of oil.

I lied I had taken her pie out of the oven and it looked wonderful.

Willem came back with me, we walked from the house. He wanted to see what it looked like a long here where I have been working on today.

He had a hard time finding the saw, so I went along and through the tangles, and realize we were further downstream than I had thought.

I fix the saw, but the oil in and put the chain back on, then worked on the pathway from there up to where the red boat is. It’s so awesome that it’s upside down!

Willem is having a hard time finding his way Out of the Marshwood stream area. I think he went further into the marsh words, actually.

2:23 PM

Willem got lost leaving where I was sitting by the stream, and went deep into the marsh words, and then had to come and going back. He came out between the pond in the woods.

I cut lots of old logs that were lying on the pathway, as I headed back to the track with trail of them out. Marshall it’s corner.

I tried to cut my way through to help Willem get back, but he had to have a different way.

He was way far to East to be heading to the right spot.

I have used up the third battery. I have created to successfully pass to the stream, and a bit of a walk along the stream. It’s pretty difficult because this side of the stream has the dead Cedar Forest, but I called the marsh woods. The beavers killed it.

So going along the stream to make a pathway is kind of difficult, on account of all the various things that are across the path.

Nevertheless I am persevering. There are 1 million alder branches to pull out of here and to put in the trailer. Near the car trail is pretty easy, I suppose. However, it just looks like one big makework project to me! I should cut some of these orders in half, as some of the trunks are 4 inches across. Three.

That should be easier for the deer to get through now, as there will be less jumping involved.

Right now the dead Cedars block a lot. But I’ll take care of that in a few minutes, when will and brings down the two good batteries and the trailer on the car.

I don’t know if Ben’s coming over today, but he just might be. It would be great if he is. He wanted me to clean up the others in the path near the Sedgman meadow area.

I did that the day before yesterday when it rained all day. And yesterday too. It rained

I can’t believe I’m finally being able to use this woods. I hope to have so many pathways to hear, that I can just go in any direction from anywhere, almost.

There’s not a lot that needs to be rushed in here. I guess I could, to make it a bit easier to pull the elders out. Perhaps I should’ve brushed it.

I found a large white chair in the woods I mean in the tall grass is between the car trail and the elders. I pulled it out and brought it along with me as I wandered through the for us to the stream.

It was different once I had left the Alderson was into the forest, I don’t know this place very well.

I don’t know if the elders very well either, but all the elders are pretty much the same, there’s just more less of them.

I realized as I sat among the many leaning trees, that the animals are live here. A Fisher could walk right by at any moment, so could a deer or a wolf or a fox or a bear. I’m really in the midst of the habitat.

It’s been so many years since I’ve been here, I was just so glad to be able to be in here now. What a wonderful surprise it is in here! Low grass and small vegetation and ferns, Cinnamon ferns are in the shade. I wonder if we have pink lady super orchids. I should really have a good look while I’m here. If we do have them, the stems will still be here.


My battery died, so I took it to the car trail and left it, waiting for Willem to bring the car around. Then I took the new chair I had just discovered, and been sitting in in several places, and headed off to the Marshwoods.

Very interesting sit in the trees, and then finally I just cited that I would just try and wander around and see if I could see any show a pink Lady slipper orchids.

I didn’t see any, but mostly because there are so many trees laying across the past, but it’s pretty impossible to walk through there. There’s a lot of places you just have to go around. Perhaps Ben will help me cut through those! That would be sweet!

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