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Thursday Mira & trail blazing

I wanted to work in the woods today, making a path through the marsh woods that I can follow, where I can go in and get out without getting stuck.

So I hung around and watched television, upstairs about the epiglottal mess with Desmond. He was quite interested in what that was.

We all went down to the bus together, and waited patiently. Does he got on the bus by himself today, and you were his seat was.

I fills the dehydrator with slices of peaches, sicker than usually what Willem does.

Then I made a lentil soup for the potluck at Mira today, and went to the weavers meeting.

They were doing a lot of math, figuring out the measurements for the warp and how to do it. I guess it is exactly what I need to learn how to do, since I am thinking of making another warp.

The new work I’m thinking of putting on my grandmothers loom, we will be just for making rush mats, or cat tell mats. I think that would be a really cool warped put on. Just two strings every 4 inches. I could make some really nice mats that way.

I asked to be involved with The overshot warp they’re putting on. I need to pay $30 should be part of whatever we make with the Broussard spools of cotton that they bought.

The potluck started at noon. I see that there are many people that I don’t know very well. It was good to talk to my friend Linda from down the road. We’ve known each other for a long time I guess.

By 130 I had run out of interest for what was going to be going on Mira. They spend the entire fall making trinkets to sell at the Christmas fair. That’s a good thing to do, but I would rather be learning something. Doing something that’s abuse.

Mostly, I wanted to get out and get to work in the woods.Women was emptying the trailer for the second time when I got home. He has been removingThe filth sticks and branches on the ground between fiddlehead pond and the stream.

When I drove the blue car down here and brought the saw and batteries, he drove the silver car so he could use it for filling the trailer.

He helped me drag branches out of the bushes until about 3 PM. He was exhausted after having done so much pooling of these heavy orders out. He’s going to go to the dump now.

This morning he help me clean up the driveway where he had emptied the whole hobbit hole for me a month or two ago and its contents have been gone through and sorted and thrown away and recycled.

So today he finish cleaning that up for me. Is much better, but I see there is still a lot more junk hanging around on the driveway. I Street the driveway is the back of the house, after all, that’s where things head to the dump is out that side of the house.

So I came into the marsh woods at the marsh Woods corner on the car trail. This size amazing. I’ve been able to remove everything in my way, and have been exploring the different areas down here.

There’s a section of very tall said grass which, I believe, has grown where the overflow runs off. I didn’t know there was a way to get around it, but now that we have gone straight from the corner to the stream and I have made branching paths off of that, it’s awesome to find that I am in both some Cove where the two Hamic‘s are. This was one of the first places we enjoyed when we lived here at first before the ice storm. So it must be the first winter after we moved here. We came down here and Daniel climbed the tree and crawled out on the branch.

He looked like a cougar laying across the branch. Willem and I sat and chairs beneath him, impressed by the beautiful little foot high to two or 3 foot high balsam for trees around us. Willem was writing a piece of music composing, and wrote a B-flat. I remember him telling us that. I think I wrote all this down in my exploring the wood stuff, I think.

Today as I relax on this Hamic, the ones that have been here for years, I see these trees are now 30 feet high. It’s interesting that they won’t screw among the alders, but have now overtaken the elders. There are more balsam firs coming up.

This is always been the most special place on the property, I think. Now that I have been change sign alder branches and fallen cedar trees where they cross the path, I have an amazing path into here. I would like to try and extend the path. I would also like to see if there is some sort of a trench that drains those tall such grasses. I don’t think they do. I think that it’s the lowest point.

I haven’t been pass these two Hamic’s. It’s like discovering an entirely new property as I walk through here. I just love trailblazing! I really need to have trails! And now I do!

I was surprised at how much it bothered me to be inside at Mira today. I think I don’t go because I just don’t want to be inside. When you’re inside, in my mind, you have to be doing something pretty important to justify being inside instead of outside. I just don’t see these various things as important enough.

I’d like to go cross country skiing with wind of this winter. And me Alexandra if she’s going, too.

You know, I was feeling the muscles in my backend working hard a few weeks ago. But now, I feel like a pile of blob. I’ve lost more weight, so now I’m 175.6 at my lowest this morning. That’s pretty amazing!

I’m going to go help Mary when she has her operation soon. I don’t know when that is, or for how long I will be there, but I would like to go after it’sToo cold and rainy and uncomfortable here, so being somewhere else will be good.

However, I hear there is a hurricane about to hit the coast. It was category for yesterday, but now as it nears the coast it has dropped to a category to storm. I think that is in response to an off a lot of prayers!

Going away means that I have to get this stuff done before the snow flies. I’m really excited about being able to enjoy the woods this year. It will be an incredibly different experience to use the marsh Woods.

I think that along the stream bitch by the marsh woods, there is so much erosion under the roots as the water tries to get out of the marsh woods it into the stream, but it makes it very hard to walk through there. But here, further into the woods away from the stream, it’s much nicer. I’ve had to remove some fallen logs so that I can get through, and it has really been a wonderful thing to do!

It’s the most beautiful sunny day today. I really love that the sun has come out and lightest doing laundry and I Mabel to work on this again

It’s really awesome to have these to him next year. I appreciate Hamic‘s because I can straighten my back out when I’m resting. I think I have been sitting too much lately.

Not just lately, as I have been much busier since been brought the saw and the whippersnapper over. I haven’t been whippersnapper ring as I go through here, I’m just trying to use the chainsaw and get that done as much as possible. That has been my problem all along, is that I couldn’t get rid of stuff, because I had to change so I threw it. There was no clearing the path. Not when the forestWas falling down.

I just walked through the woods, and cut anything that was across the path. That proved to be the easiest way.

I was surprised when I found myself at the hill. I suppose the upper stream goes through there, but I didn’t feel like walking further into it to find out. I think it was near the place I saw the Fisher years ago.

There are some pathways that are very low, so it must be a small animal using them. There are also deer beds here and there.

I haven’t come upon any show me pink Lady slipper orchid yet. Who knows, perhaps somewhere in here

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