Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Saturday driving home

I see that Thickson woods is having a nature festival today, September 15.

Happy birthday, Erin!

I wanted to see if the monarchs were here, so I stop driving at six and woods, because I wanted to see if we could see them the way we had a few years ago. It is the right time, my birthday is about the monarch migrating season.

So I got out to go look for the monarchs, but instead I see that thickson Rose Festival is going on.

I haven’t been down here for a long time. The gate is open today. It’s Mona long edges.

It’s been a beautiful drive today. The sun rose at seven when we were on the gardener. I made a wrong turn, as we were on the roads with them was telling me, and not what I was remembering myself. So, I turned onto the gardener expressway and then took the Don Valley. What a beautiful experience that was seeing the sunrise and then seeing the buildings with the sun behind them, making silver lines along the edge of the cloud.

I figured out a way to give shade to the upstairs balcony. Who is have to put some window boxes along the balcony maybe on it, and on the floor, those narrow ones that I have downstairs, and then plant wildflowers in them. Maybe dig up some Joe pie plants, and Goldenrod and Astors. There are many kinds ofPlants that would do that.

I was given a golden bird book. I’m going to put Desmond’s name in it, and help him to mark down every bird he sees. I think that would be very useful thing for him to have.

I also learned about a rock that I had never known about before. It’s thin layers of feldspar and courts. It’s called perthite. It’s only found in person. Interesting.

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