Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

The fall fair

The other night I picked up a fair book from MERA on the stand as you leave the building.

I’ve been looking through it and would like to try to enter in several sections of the fair this year. I would also like to do some of this with Desmond and Maya.

I see they have 10 things that they can each do. Making a colouring book picture of poultry, make a turkey out of your footprint, make a bird with Plato and feathers, spell your name using Blue and natural materials, decorate a picture with feathers, make a sunflower out of the paper plate, make a spiderweb out of a string of yarn or yard, throw something in an eggshell, use a paper cup to make a chair, pay the stick to look like a monster.

And for the 4 to 6 they don’t do the coloring book picture but they do make a vegetable stamp and use it to make a picture, pre-fall trees on paper with pasta shells decorate exclamation flowerpot to look like an animal, Make a bird with Plato and feathers oh wait that’s about. Make an egg card into a trap or car and decorate eggs for passengers. So they’re almost both the same.

I think I could do this. I think I could get Desmond and Maia both some interest for the fair.

When my mom was young, she said she always had to enter something in the fair every year. I think all the chill

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