Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Russian stacking baskets

This afternoon after Kevin and Scarlett and dad and I got back from Eating our, I figured I’d make another basket.

Now I have four Rush-Ian baskets. I really like making these baskets. I love that the rushes are so soft when they are prepared properly. The part that’s underwater is the biggest, most pliable part. At the lake, out in the center the water was about 4 feet deep.

So that created for feet of really good rush and then the additional 4 feet above the water.

So I worked on the basket from the time we got home, which was around 430, of course it did take me probably 20 minutes to get organized. It’s really cool that I have of the rushes ready and dry in the hobbit hole.

I think the handle is going to be a white one that goes around like on the second basket. No the second basket had leather straps. The third and fourth don’t have handles yet. I like the ones that go all the way around it under the bottom, but I need to improve the one I have, as it has some flaws.

On the videos about the cattails, they have something that looks like a narrow knife with a big hole in it which they used to pull the cattails through the weave. The whole was big enough that threading it was a cinch.

I tried threading a darning needle with a read on the way to the temple when I was working on basket three, but it didn’t fit into it.

Anyway, I think that that my knitting machine tool is a giant darning needle her

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