Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote,
Nancy Today

Saturday afternoon

We stop by Ankaret‘s on the way home, to let her know that I would be spending the time with Ben instead of at the bee skeep workshop.

Ben was here relaxing in the family room when I arrived, and chatting with Jean and the children.

It was a pretty hot day for him, so he wanted to stay inside. We sat on the studio deck for a while where he could be in the breeze after we had taken our walk.

Me however, I had spent all morning in the car, except for when we stopped and I walked. I was ready to go down and be in the beautiful words and sit down there in the shade.

So we went down, as Ben said he needed to leave by three in order to be home in time for last minute things and picking up his family from the airport.

We drove down to the Lowlands and parked at teardrop point. Ben said we needed to have some shade down there. I completely agree! Before the season is over, I may plant something around the edges that will give shade. I have no idea what it would be yet. I have to be careful not to create shade for the garden. This is a delicate balance!

I could plant things on the north side of the moat. On the island. That way it would never be shading The garden.

Ben and I walked the path as I had created in the marsh woods, but my pants are not very defined yet.

He thinks they should be much wider, and the clippers snipping needs to be done. So perhaps I’ll go through and do some lip or snipping next, but I really like using the chainsaw in there! I’d rather get a lot of things out of the way from the church by the chainsaw then the grass which will just grow back in a matter of time.

I don’t think we really found the right trails. I showed him how we could go to the stream from the gypsy cabin.

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